How Mobile Optimazation Impacts Your Website

How Mobile Optimization Impacts Your Website

Dying to read that latest article, check the local headlines or just mindlessly scroll, only to find that when you click on that site it’s hard to read or navigate? 


Do you stay and pinch and zoom, or do you move on to the next juicy headline? 


There is nothing worse than trying to navigate your way through content where the layout and formatting doesn’t fit the device you are on. Over half of all web traffic is MOBILE, with 61% of visitors never returning to a website that’s not mobile friendly, according to Digital Examiner. 


Adapting your web design is a must! Designing content to be readable across desktop, tablet or mobile device dimensions is crucial to any website! It’s called mobile optimization, and simply put, it ensures visitors to your website have an experience customized to whatever device they are on. Websites of old were built for desktop viewing, because if you were surfing the world wide web, you were most likely in front of a desktop or laptop screen. But we now know that most people are viewing websites on the go. In this age of smartphones, any website you want is just a click away, and often that means having to adjust your website to conform to mobile device specs. Compressing a desktop size down to a mobile size, or rearranging even a tablet view to a mobile view won’t work and only leaves visitors frustrated. Visitors aren’t scrolling back and forth, they’re just leaving.


Here are some helpful tips to provide your customers with a seamless experience across all different screen sizes:


  • Use lighter images so your site loads more quickly
  • Use bigger buttons to accommodate broader fingers
  • Keep text short and easy to read
  • Few, if any popups
  • Implement only one call to action per page


Growth in mobile continues to skyrocket, and doesn’t look like it’s letting up anytime soon. Don’t get left behind; with a handful of easily implemented suggestions, your website will be ready to go and just a click away!



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