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Social media services for your business

The benefits of getting onto the platforms

The current global population is at over 8 BILLION and according to an analysis from Kepios, shows that approximately 4.70 billion of us are using social media. If you are asking “Why should my business be on these platforms?” Our question to you is “Why not?” Numbers don’t lie and with over 2 billion users on Facebook alone you’ll be able to reach, and target, unprecedented numbers.

About 12 million people are scrolling through social media more than two times daily, according to the latest statistics.

The days of the yellow pages are gone, and next to social media, word of mouth is still top notch; after all, it’s free. The invention of social media marketing has brought us yet more FREE advertising, and for dollars per week we can boost our digital ads to thousands. We’d like to think marketing on these platforms is a no-brainer, but if you need more…

The TOP FIVE reasons your company should be utilizing social media

  • Promote Content/Visibility: Wait, why are we here? Oh right — to promote our brand, and our product! We want to sell, but we also want to be relatable.
  • Customer Engagement: This is a way to build customer loyalty. Be there for your customers, or potential customers, and they will be there for you. For our clients at Cape Plymouth Marketing, we get daily notifications through our Business Suite to keep a pulse on what is happening 24/7.
  • Build Relationships through Networking: There are thousands of groups out there on these platforms looking for your company and more importantly your product.
  • Increase website traffic: We need to funnel our customers to ONE PLACE, and that should be a well thought out website. Your business page can help direct traffic to your site through the about section, videos, posts, links, etc.
  • Reputation Management: Let’s talk testimonials! There’s Yelp, Google Business and other sites for customer reviews. Here is your chance to effectively manage what is being said, and also have a chance to respond. We use our client platforms as a chance to post FIVE STAR reviews!
Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand, Products and Services

Why choose a social media marketing agency to
manage your account(s)?

It’s crucial that a social media marketing company help you find not only the right voice for your business, but to help you grow credibility and trust in your brand. Agencies, like Cape & Plymouth Marketing can help you find your voice.

We work closely with your business to develop a customized marketing strategy. We know the hustle necessary to make your business stand out and get noticed, and can find the time to bust out the content when you don’t.

We work with tools such as; Canva, the Adobe Suite and Loomly to streamline our tasks that smaller businesses may not have knowledge over.

Using social media and a local social media agency can help your business grow

How can I use social media marketing for my small business?

Being a small business ourselves, Cape & Plymouth knows the challenges of getting your message heard. But being a small business doesn’t mean having a small voice. Here is your chance to be heard, and raise your voice!

Getting found on social media is crucial, and for a small business, it’s an opportunity to search for new opportunities, build relationships and start gaining a social media following.

We know you are a small fish in a big pond, but with the right direction (and right target audience), you could be the big fish in that local pond that gets caught by someone from out-of-town. The right social media marketing will do that, and with the right team supporting you!

An agency like Cape & Plymouth Marketing could help a small business identify their social audience and brainstorm content to create the right visuals telling your story.

Local marketing agencies helping with social media

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