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The right social media marketing company will help you find the right voice for your business, help keep you top of mind, and grow credibility with your brand.

Our team of veteran marketers possess a variety of skillsets needed to develop and deliver your customized marketing strategy. These skills include: marketing/competitive analysis, photo/video creation, and a deep understanding of the right way to use each social network. Lastly, we are an analytics driven company, helping you understand how effective your online presence actually is.

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Cape and Plymouth Business Marketing Agency Logo

Being a small business doesn’t mean you have to have a small voice.

Approximately 12 million people are scrolling through social media more than two times daily.

The days of the yellow pages are gone, and next to social media, word of mouth is still top notch; after all, it’s free. The invention of social media marketing has brought us yet more FREE advertising, and for dollars per week we can boost our digital ads to thousands. We’d like to think marketing on these platforms is a no-brainer, but if you need more…

Cape and Plymouth Business Marketing Agency Logo

5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Be Social

  • Create meaningful connections: We want to sell, but we also want to be relatable. Being social with customers is better than selling to someone. You build rapport and trust with your community over time.
  • Customer Engagement: This is a way to build customer loyalty. Be there for your customers, or potential customers, and they will be there for you. For our clients at Cape Plymouth Marketing, we get daily notifications through our Business Suite to keep a pulse on what is happening 24/7.
  • Sending the right signals: Being active on Social Media should send a message that you are open for business, and excited to serve your customers.
  • Increase foot traffic to your physical location: People are forgetful by nature. Social media is an easy and non-invasive way to help stay top of mind with your customers and in your community. It get’s people back in the door.
  • Take customers behind the scenes: Social media done right allows you to bring your customers behind the scenes of your business or learn about the amazing people that serve them.

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Cape and Plymouth Business Marketing Agency Logo

Social Media FAQ

It depends on your product, what are you selling? And who are you selling it to? For example, we have a client that delivers and pours concrete on Cape Cod. Would marketing on Instagram be the place for them? Maybe not. We find that the majority of their target audience is based in Facebook, and Google. If you’re a party planning company with fun graphics, videos, etc… Instagram and TikTok would come into play.

It’s not how often, but the consistency, really. Do you only post once per week? OK, but keep that consistency. IF you find to be unable to manage the consistency you’re social media is more likely to fail. This is where the EXPERTS step in, and hiring a social media marketing agency can help!

  • Facebook: Run a Facebook Ad. Invite friends to LIKE your page
  • Linkedin: Join Linkedin Groups/Optimize for SEO
  • Instagram: Optimize your profile or use relevant hashtags

Now that FB and IG are intertwined as part of the META verse they are alike more than ever. What is for FB isn’t always for IG though and vice versa.

Not at all! Social media planning, brainstorming and posting can be done from anywhere. Now with almost all meetings done virtually it’s best to choose a company that fits your needs.

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