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Servicing Cape Cod, the South Shore and the South Coast, Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing provides expert marketing services. We are your personal online presence and support team, helping you to move your business forward in the digital world. We work as an extension to your team, bringing a wide ‘a la carte’ skillset without the exhaustive overhead. Contact us to find out how we can help!

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Delivering Exceptional Digital Marketing Solutions.

We specialize in creating a spectrum of your online presence, from creating websites utilizing WordPress to enhancing performance, boosting online visibility, managing social media, and web security. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to elevate your online footprint and actualize your digital ambitions.

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Working on your social media presence takes time, and it’s all about consistency.  You will never grow if you don’t keep up with your business page, and customer engagement

One of the most difficult tasks in marketing is keeping up on your social media accounts.  Here at CPB Marketing our team meets weekly to review client accounts whilst going over current projects, content ideas, a social calendar and then scheduling out content for social media posts. We have clear communication with our clients to achieve their desired reach.

From testimonials, interactive posts and relatable content you could see an increase in growth in a short amount of time. Patience is key here! Leave it to the experts and you will start seeing results sooner than later.

It’s crucial that a social media marketing company help you find not only the right voice for your business, but to help you grow credibility and trust in your brand. Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing can help you find your voice. We work closely with your business to develop your customized marketing strategy. As a local business ourselves, we know the hustle necessary to make your business stand out and get noticed.

While these two things might sound like the same thing, they are BOTH a very important part of your marketing strategy. Social media management focuses on creating and using social media accounts to execute your social media strategy and generate leads for your business through social media platforms. On the flip side, social media marketing is the ‘fun’ part; creating and publishing content to draw new customers and engage visitors to your social media platforms and website. At Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing, we can do BOTH! We specialize in content strategy and creation as well as social media management, and we make sure to include a little fun into the mix.

Cape & Plymouth offers a multitude of ways to promote your company and products. From our weekly newsletter, email campaigns, social platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram), monthly magazine, ongoing events and much more. We always look forward to the latest marketing tools to promote our clients and community.

Here at CPB Marketing our experts have a combined 40+ years of experience! Wow, that’s a lot of experience. We’d like to think we know our stuff. Our team not only keeps up with the latest trends, but we do our research. Our straight-forward approach.

Your website is a direct representation of your brand. If that site is not visually appealing, it is going to be a gut punch to your brand. Studies have shown that it takes someone less than 15 seconds to decide whether they are exploring your site or moving on. An outdated site makes for a poor user experience, and could leave potential customers going elsewhere.

Using a professional is yet another way to save you time. If it’s not your skill, hire a pro that can help your business run more efficiently! They can update your site with the latest tools, like online booking, saving you time and money.

Together you will form a partnership,and with their creativity you are guaranteed a fresh perspective and quick solutions. The designer will also ensure that the desktop and mobile experience are user friendly.

First that depends on your budget, your product and what you are looking to achieve. Generally a well-thought out website that is visually appealing and done by an experienced designer is going to cost on average $5000+.Also taking into consideration the design, content, and overall structure. At the end of the day we want your site ranking on Google.That takes hours of work, especially if you look at SEO alone.

For more on SEO check out

Here at Cape & Plymouth Marketing we develop our client sites on WordPress, one of many site platforms to build from. All development is done in-house for that personal touch, and your information isn’t shared with outside resources.

Video is here, it’s now and it is not going away!  Using video to tell your story is a quick way to capture the attention of your audience in a matter of minutes.

Be relatable, engaging and paint the complete picture. Doing this you will be able to establish trust with your audience, and help attract new customers.

Taken from Google: According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. Unbounce found that videos placed on landing pages have been shown to increase conversions by 80%.

It’s hard coming up with content, and we know the difficulties. Here at Cape & Plymouth Marketing we are here to support your work, and feed life into your brand. We take the time to understand your brand, research your product and focus on your target audience. We will have either weekly or monthly communication with our clients to feed us information.

From SEO, Email Marketing and to Social Media Marketing we offer a buffet of digital services here at Cape & Plymouth, and packaged to fit your needs. From a la carte to complete service packages. Our team is skilled in all aspects of marketing, we don’t skip a beat!

General marketing services to promote a brand might include getting your company involved in local events, sponsorships and becoming a member of local chambers or groups. So much of marketing goes back to basics with word of mouth marketing, email marketing, storytelling and a great CRM.

The short answer is no. Your business is unique and so should your social media strategy! It’s important to consider which social media platforms would work best for your business. Are you no-nonsense business? Maybe LinkedIn is your platform to share articles and content. Like to show off your employees and casual work environment? Try Instagram reels. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ category here, so let Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing help keep your content educational and entertaining while instilling your brand.

In a nutshell, yes! Social media marketing services are strategies tailored to suit your business needs. One size does not fit all; that’s why customized social media marketing services are important in helping your company grow. At Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing, we work with you to consider what strategies and services to put in place for your business. Our team of marketing experts can help you turn your social media likes into leads.

Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing is your LOCAL marketing expert, who offer complete marketing services and are ready to become an extension of your team to get the job done. We utilize a mix of social media management, website development, video management, service engine optimization services, content strategy, brand identity, custom publication and graphic design, newsletter management and reputation building. Take advantage of all of our services or choose a la carte what service your business could benefit from most.

While you’re busy making your business a success, you probably don’t have the time necessary to create a winning social media strategy. Sure, it’s easy to post content here and there, but consistency and brand messaging is key when building your social media brand. Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing works with you to build your brand, create engaging content, increase traffic to social media and your website. Our trusted team of experienced experts put in the research, time and work to make the visibility of your brand our priority.

You could turn to Google, but no need with Cape & Plymouth Business Marketing so close to home. Cape & Plymouth is the only business-focused media company serving Cape Cod, the Islands, Plymouth County and the South Shore in Massachusetts. We reach tens of thousands of business professionals monthly via our print and digital magazine editions, weekly business newsletter and social media. We can help your organization reach a local business focused audience, and send the signals that you care about your business community.

Being a small business ourselves, Cape & Plymouth knows the challenges of getting your message heard. But being a small business doesn’t mean having a small voice, whether it’s a full-spectrum marketing plan or a simple strategy refresh. We reach tens of thousands of business professionals monthly via our print and digital magazine editions, weekly business newsletter and social media. Let us help you get the most bang for your marketing buck!

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