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How the right team can keep your website from going dark

How often should I update my website?

Websites can get outdated in a blink of an eye. They constantly need updating, whether it’s an event, product, photo, etc. How often do you buy a new phone or tablet? Websites should be thought about in the same manner as they also age quickly. Depending on the business – an entire website revamp should be done every 2-3 years.

Here at Cape & Plymouth Media we build websites from the ground up, and work on ongoing improvements.

How can I help drive traffic to my website?

We want to get your customers (like drivers) from point A to point B, and point B being your website – every single time. No matter where they end up online, the goal is to funnel them to ONE location! Every single post, every product, every print item – should always have YOUR website URL.  Traffic is HEAVY, and we’ve got to weave through. How do we get through all the noise, lights and stops? Put up your signals and let’s go!

Other ways to INCREASE traffic:

Google Business Profile – 

Maximizing your Google Business Profile, an optimized listing will help you rank on Google Maps and Search. Make sure you fill out your profile completely including your business category, photos, and get your reviews going. CHECK to make sure your information is accurate.

Social Media Promotion –

From boosting your actual website through social media to making sure every post has your URL, this is crucial to driving traffic.

If you aren’t too sure what to do here, it’s best to consult with a professional agency. When in doubt, add the LINK and get them where they need to go!

Email Marketing –

Here at Cape & Plymouth Marketing we specialize in email marketing for our clients. Whether it be through Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Newsletters are a great way to send out fresh content and point your customers to the right social and web pages.

End goal? Send them to your website for more information, product updates, latest blog, videos, photo galleries and much more!


Write a blog –

Picking out the right topic is essential to a great blog. What would your potential customers want to read? Don’t be blog boring, or afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone.

You’ll want to pronate that blog post everywhere including social media and email newsletters to drive traffic. Don’t forget to use keywords, they will help your SEO ranking!

Not a writer? Hire a professional that will know the right topics and keywords to develop an effective blog.

TOP 10 website must haves:

  • Contact Page
  • Customer Testimonials (here at CPB Marketing testimonials are crucial and used in social posts, Google Business and much more)
  • Clear description of what and who you are
  • Mobile Navigation – Must be user friendly
  • FRESH content
  • Style! A well thought out design goes a long way
  • A well-written blog (and keep it updated)
  • Social media links
  • About the team
  • Helpful navigation
Local marketing agencies can make your website a showstopper

Why do I need a professional web designer?

Your website is a direct representation of your brand. If that site is not visually appealing, it is going to be a gut punch to your brand. Studies have shown that it takes someone less than 15 seconds to decide whether they are exploring your site or moving on. An outdated site makes for a poor user experience, and could leave potential customers going elsewhere.

If web design isn’t your specialty, it makes sense to hire a professional web designer. They can help your business run more efficiently, making sure you are utilizing the latest tools, saving you time and money!

A designer can also ensure that your website’s desktop and mobile experience are the utmost user-friendly experience. Remember, those first 15 seconds can make or break your company’s reputation.

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